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jotURL - developed by jotURL Srl

jotURL is a professional cloud toolbox to optimize your Communication and your Content Marketing, made by jotURL Srl. Our company is 100% engaged with jotURL and we’re continuosly developing further features, plug-ins, etc. to enhance both, the product’s technology and its user experience. Our mission is to keep jotURL at the top, among the best services in the field, over time.

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jot & share is jotURL’s Windows 8 App that lets you share your favorite content with anyone you want to, right from the Windows 8 Share charm. For example, you can open a web page in your favorite web browser and use the Share charm to send it to the jot & share app, which can shorten the link (with a custom alias) and send it by email or share it on the main social networks, or on a blog. Once a content, not just a URL but even a video, a photo, or a document, has been associated to a short custom link (and, at your choice, uploaded to OneDrive) you can share it while tracking your visitors. Furthermore you can get related social insights and manage or even monitor the link, right from your jotURL dashboard. "jot & share" is totally integrated in the Win 8 Share Charm and in OneDrive.

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jotURL Srl - VAT: IT06002360482 - cap. euro 11.110,00 - contact us by email
Headquarter: via V. Santelli 43 - 50134 Florence - Italy - tel: +39 055 747 6020
Branch office: Milan - Malpensa - Italy - tel: +39 02 8716 7704

jotURL is a member of Microsoft BizSpark and of the NanaBianca accelerator.
jotURL - handmade in Italy for you.

last updated on: 02/20/2014

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