Add your custom CTA to every link

Drive conversions through content curation



Customized CTAs can drive your view-to-submission rates up to 42%. Generate leads, engage your customers, convert followers into revenues by adding a branded and effective call-to-action to every link you share. JotUrl makes content curation more worthwhile than ever before. Are you great at discovering valuable content? With JotUrl you can name it and share it on every social platform or even offline. You can really drive targeted traffic from everywhere!


Targeting, timing, monitoring and much more

With more than 100 features, you can get the best from your links

Vanity URLs

Increase your CTR by +34% via branded deep links

Calls to action

Generate leads and drive conversions with custom CTAs


Track conversions, identify the best sources of revenue


Maximize touchpoints by adding retargeting codes to your links

A/B Testing

Experiment multiple variations to optimize the conversion rate


Target visitors where they yield best conversion rates

Smart Rotator

Show returning visitors new messages, route & share traffic


Create timed campaigns and automatically redirect users

Custom QR Codes

Create visual QR codes and link offline to online marketing


Broken links, target content, link safety, click fraud, blacklists

Team working

Share your data with clients, partners, coworkers

Analytics and Trends

Identify sources and data that matter, create detailed reports

Your branded message on any page

Drive targeted traffic back to your own website

Add your branded message to all owned, earned and paid media, to engage your audience on every link you share and also to measure your effectiveness and Return On Investment for your social media efforts. For example, if you click on jo.my/cta-economist, you will see a custom branded CTA in the bottom left corner of the Economist page. Also, drive targeted traffic back to your own website every time you share something online. For instance, you can create a custom email form that links back to your site, as for example at jo.my/cta-example.


Turbo-charge your sharing results

Leverage one among the top powerful marketing tools

Join the best marketers and discover how JotUrl lets you

  • easily drive more traffic back to your site, when you share someone else’s site
  • create device-aware calls-to-action to drive app installs and re-engagement
  • attach a call-to-action to every link you share with your followers on social media
  • get more engaged visitors when you suggest relevant content
  • promote your website, newsletter, app, product… more effectively
  • get far more return on the links you share
  • turbo-charge your list building by pushing visitors to complete an action (sign in, share) in order to get access to your content
  • use multiple call-to-action templates: button, form, Ad/image, text, app, social login… and more coming soon (hidden, social share, survey, referral)