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Ethics & Security

Regarding the Society

  • Non-profit organizations: for each new or renewed Pro/Enterprise membership, jotURL gives a free Pro/Enterprise membership to a non-profit organization. If you are a non-profit organization and would like to know whether you’re eligible or not, click here.
  • Publishers: a 70% discount on the Pro membership fee and a 90% discount on the Enterprise membership fee is offered to publishers whose publications are exclusively oriented to environmental activism, essays about the environment, etc. If you are one of these publishers and would like to know whether you’re eligible or not, click here.
  • Schools & Academic institutions: a 50% discount on the Pro membership fee and a 70% discount on the Enterprise membership fee is offered to schools and academic institutions. If you would like to know whether you’re eligible or not for and educational licence, click here.

Regarding the Environment:

Our team firmly believes in Environmental protection and in relationships between Human beings. For these reasons we decided to support "Tree Nation" ( By using jotURL every user will bring her/his contribute to this amazing project. In fact jotURL donates 10 trees for each new or renewed Enterprise membership and 1 Tree for each new or renewed Pro membership to the Tree-nation project, which aims at planting an 8-million-tree forest in Niger against desertification.

Regarding the Security:

jotURL does NOT modify, copy or re-propose contents: all web pages are displayed online, and therefore shown in their original form. The content of the displayed pages is protected by copyright and the property of the latter belongs to their respective owners. jotURL always provides a preview service for each destination URL. You get a preview just by typing a plus (+) at the end of each URL you want to visit. For example, to get a preview of, simply type The preview will always show:

  • the actual destination URL
  • a short abstract of the contents of the destination page you are about to visit
  • pictures grabbed from the destination page.

Moreover we take potentially abuse of our service very seriously and do everything we can to prevent it. Here are some of the ways we help to keep users safe:

  • jotURL is NOT a standard URL shortening service. jotURL is much more: it’s a professional Tag manager. jotURL was in fact designed from day one for business, with the security and the tools that Enterprise businesses need. Furthermore jotURL is a cloud based service, powered by Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud (one among the world’s largest and most reliable cloud providers). This means that jotURL’s architecture and platform are definitely Enterprise oriented. Once spammers become aware of that, they usually realize they can save time and reach their aim by following less difficult ways based on different kind of URL shortening services, available on the Internet.
  • Registration is mandatory for ALL users (even for Free accounts): this helps to prevent abuse. By signing up users accept that all accesses, including the attempts of unauthorized access, are monitored by jotURL on security reasons. And by logging in, users will implicitly accept that the parameters associated with the connected computer (IP address, the type and version of the browser, etc...) are logged for security reasons.
  • Link previews are on by default - whenever somebody visits a jotURL shortened URL they can always get a preview page so they can check the destination URL before they visit it. This makes jotURL much less appealing to spammers than most other standard URL shortening services which send visitors always straight to their site in any case.
  • jotURL has a powerful engine that continuously scans all shortened URLs (and their destinations) and filters them using 11 different cutting edge techniques, in addition to an internal neural network, in order to identify dangerous URLs. Definitely an Enterprise oriented security solution. This helps to prevent and identify abuse.
  • Rates of change for destination URLs are periodically checked by jotURL’s security system: again this helps to prevent and identify abuse.
  • We periodically check all our links against various main blacklists. We update these lists regularly and our technology applies these updates across our entire database of links immediately.
  • When we flag a link as spam, we add a very prominent warning page so that visitors know it is likely to be malicious. To help those fighting spam we still show the original address of the URL, but users can no longer visit it without manually copying/pasting the full link into their browser.
  • We thoroughly investigate any complaints of abuse we receive and have a dedicated contact email address for these. We aim to act on all abuse complaints within 24 hours (but typically manage better than this).
  • We don’t just disable individual URLs in response to complaints like some similar services. Since a spammer could create many similar links this would obviously be useless. We blacklist by domain or track down links based on the creator’s IP instead whenever possible.
  • Our terms are very clear on what usage isn’t allowed.
  • We blacklist other URL shortening/redirection services we know about. This stops spammers creating "chains" of redirects to help them circumvent our protections (although they don’t do this so much with jotURL anyway, due to our default previews).
  • We hate spam usage of our service and jotURL has no relationship with spammers. We never send any spam email and only email people who have emailed us first (e.g., to respond to questions we get about the site, or if they agreed/signed up to our newsletter).
  • Finally, we report any unauthorized use and abuse to the proper governmental and police agencies.

You can open and view this Information at any time, at ethics.html.

last updated on: 02/20/2014

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