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FAQ about jotURL: link shortener with web page monitor for social media, social networks



Signing up

  • Is signing up free?

  • Is signing up mandatory?

About jotURL

  • Can jotURL definitely help to avoid some kind of drawback during browsing?

  • What are jotURL’s main benefits compared to its (pseudo) competitors?

  • How can jotURL be useful for my business?

  • How can jotURL be useful to enhance relationships with my customers?

  • How can jotURL increase my marketing power?

  • What’s the difference between jotURL stats and Google Analytics or other Analytics?

  • What kind of advantages does jotURL provide for my customers?

  • Can you provide some real life examples?

  • How can jotURL help me keep my costs down?

  • Why is jotURL suitable for an Enterprise company?

  • What kind of companies can benefit from using jotURL?

Common to all Memberships

  • Can I choose any kind of URL within the provided short domains?

  • Is it possible to know whether the URL I’m interested in is available?

  • Do created URLs have an expiry date?

  • How can I get a preview of the destination page before visiting a short link?

  • Do I have to write "www." or "http://" when I transcribe the URL on my browser?

  • May I associate a URL with the address of a pornographic website, of a phishing website or of a site that violates the law?

  • If I have a URL associated with a web page which is subsequently turned into a porn page, will I have my account blocked and be reported to the proper governmental or police agencies?

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade from a kind of membership to another one?

Free and Starter Memberships

  • Can I delete a URL as a Free member?

  • Can a company or a person have more than one Free member account?

Pro and Enterprise Memberships

  • May I create short URLs from the provided free domains (,,,, etc.) with an Enterprise membership?

  • Can I get a free trial membership before getting a chargeable membership?

  • In case membership fees are frozen until a certain date, and I get a trial membership before such date, will I pay the "frozen" price when getting an annual membership?

  • I am a porn editor. May I become a member and create links to porn pages?

  • Do I have to register a dedicated custom domain in order to get my Pro or Enterprise membership?

  • Can I manage my Pro or Enterprise domain from my server?

  • I’m not familiar with domain registration, DNS etc. Can you give me advice on the choice of the domain name, register it on my behalf, manage it and making it point to your servers?

  • If I manage the DNS for my domain problems might occur?

  • Can I activate and manage more than three domains from the same dashboard, in case of an Enterprise membership?

  • We’re an Agency (e.g., a Marketing/Advertising/Communication Agency or a Media center). May we use a Pro or an Enterprise membership?

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