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Who is it for?

If you need an advanced control in terms of navigation paths and traffic redirection, in order to gain an economic or strategic advantage, by driving users to the right destinations, then JotHUB is the best choice for your needs.

JotHUB should be used by managers of high-traffic websites, publishers, large brand managers, marketing, media buying or advertising agencies, app promoters, ecommerce websites, Seo & Sem professionals.

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What can be done?

  • redirect traffic to multiple destinations, based on several conditions (language, country, device model, operating system, platform, browser, referer, page was already visited/not visited) thus creating links and paths that are geo-aware, device-aware, visit-aware,
  • optimize your funnels, retrieve users and enhance conversions, by driving all of your visitors where they should effectively land
  • create and track customized smart navigation paths or even sophisticated A/B tests)
  • profile users on specific landing pages (even mini-pages) within high-traffic websites
  • distribute traffic of large campaigns towards several beneficiaries
  • optimize budgets allocated for communication investments and adnetworks
  • integrate stats and data you collect into Google Analytics
  • edit destination links in real-time and schedule validity and duration of each link you create
  • simplify your everyday work with our agile API, bookmarklets, Wordpress plugin, daily backups
  • create branded links with your own custom domain (e.g.
  • monitor destination links and content with the JotWATCHDOG service, included in bundle, for free
  • get a high availability and an Enterprise SLA, with the reliability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud

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