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Who is it for?

If you want to optimize your content marketing on social media and manage social campaigns and channels, in order to get more efficient media plans and more effective content, then JotSOCIAL is for you.

We have plans for large brand managers and publishers, marketing, media buying or advertising agencies and for ecommerce websites, small businesses and professionals (social media managers, Seo, etc.). If you just need to share links on social networks, than you will be happy to know that we also offer a forever free plan.

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What can be done?

  • work easily with multiple teams on several clients, campaigns and channels
  • get statistics and social insights, to measure the effects of your campaigns and the engagement level of your content on social media
  • find results of your work integrated into Google Analytics
  • schedule one-time or even periodic messages or tweets, automatically post on multiple social networks and manage multiple social accounts
  • optimize conversions coming from your social channels (if used with JotHUB)
  • identify specific text and regular expressions within fanpages, boards, timelines
  • edit destination links in real-time and schedule validity and duration of each link associated to your content
  • export your data right away, whenever you need it
  • simplify your everyday work with our agile API, bookmarklets, Wordpress plugin, daily backups
  • brand your content with your own custom domain (e.g.
  • protect your brand image with the JotWATCHDOG service, included in bundle, for free
  • get a high availability and an Enterprise SLA, with the reliability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud

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