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Who is it for?

You may be a print or online publisher or be responsible for volume print ads or packaging. This service lets you create stunning dynamic QR codes and it helps you make sure the associated link and content are safe, correct and up to date – and allows you to intervene to fix things if they’re not.

Leverage jotVISUAL on packaging, magazines & newspapers, user guides, books, printed marketing and advertising materials of any size, posters, billboards, etc. and get detailed geolocation stats.

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What can be done?

  • keep the QR code the same, but change the destination link at any time
  • schedule validity and duration of each link associated to your QR code
  • customize your visual QR codes by adjusting colour, shape, background image, transparency, etc. and brand them with your logo
  • get geolocation stats for your campaigns, channels and single QR codes or NFC codes and integrate data you collect into Google Analytics
  • download your dynamic vector QR-code (eps, svg) or access custom QR-codes externally from a Url (
  • export your QR-codes, campaigns and stats whenever you want
  • work as a team with different access levels based on function - full traceability of team members’ actions
  • gain new market intelligence through the use of different QR-codes (channels) pointing to the same destination link and track which channels are performing best
  • provide directly content (video, image, storytelling, survey, promotion) or product information to consumers
  • simplify your everyday work with bookmarklets, plugin for Wordpress, agile API, daily backup
  • protect your brand image with the JotWATCHDOG service, included in bundle, for free
  • get a high availability and an Enterprise SLA, with the reliability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud

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